Learn about Art:

Our goal is to bring you quality art projects and supplies so that you can better understand fine art and explore new ways of making art. We offer a subscription box with art supplies and a way to learn about different art mediums from clay to watercolor to oil pastels.

Save Time:

We design projects to save you from a trip to the supply store and to fit your schedule. Projects can be done within an hour and videos are less than 20 minutes. You can even watch our online videos on your smartphone (art history videos are less than 6 minutes each!).

Spend Less:

Supplies are hand selected with your budget in mind. We delivery quality art supplies in just the right quantities for testing out new skills and materials.


This is the sixth of the seven colors of the rainbow, a deep blue color that is meant to promote creativity and meditation, so let's get creating! You can learn more about the history behind indigo on our blog

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